Cam Bucket


Cam Bucket is a drag queen from Zürich.
They are happy to put on a drag show which is a mix of singing, dancing, and spoken word!
To them, the most exciting thing about this show is, it’s only their second live performance in drag 🙂
As a young artist, they can say that they are still discovering what their drag is, but what is clear, is that musical theatre has a huge impact on it, to say the least.  They’ve been in theatre since they were ten years old, so they perceive the world in a theatrical –  over-the-top, surreal – way.
As a refugee, they just want to keep doing what they used to do in Ukraine, even though it may be tough mentally. That’s why it’s important for them to showcase their art at Rainbow Art Festival – it’s a way to keep moving even when it’s hard. Cam Bucket understand that they need it.
And of course, they think that it’s always interesting to exchange cultures and discover the understanding of drag in different countries!
They are extremely happy to be here for you! See you at the show!





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